Ami Cline
Quit 12-5-06

"It has literally changed my life!! I'm so thankful for Bonnie. She has improved my

life in so many ways......I'm a huge believer in hypnotherapy now, so much so that I'm looking into the field myself.

If I could change one person's life like she has mine then my job would be worth while.....I feel so blessed to have met you and given the hypnotherapy a chance. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Are you often frustrated by a patient's inability, or seeming reluctance to quit smoking?
Most likely, your patient is frustrated also.

Below is an excerpt from a study done at Oxford comparing hypnosis techniques against other methods of smoking cessation. You'll find information specific to the method referred to on this website, on page 14 of the pdf file linked to here.

Quit rates were established through telephone interviews 1 month and 6 months after the first session of treatment.

After 1 session 95% of those who received 'advanced therapy' had quit smoking.
The remaining 5% received a second session of treatment leading to a further 1.3% of the group quitting smoking. In total therefore, at 6 months, 97% of those who received 'advanced therapy' had quit smoking.

Those who were still smoking at 6 months did not differ from those who had successfully quit in terms of gender, age or therapies previously tried. These results mean that for both standard treatments and the 'advanced treatment' quit rates are extraordinarily high and well above what has hitherto been reported in the literature. Results for both treatments were significant at the 0.001 level (chi-square).....

5. Conclusions
As the evidence which has been presented demonstrates, hypnosis would seem to be one of the most effective methods in aiding smoking cessation (and arguably the most effective). The study carried out by Practice Builders achieved quit rates very close to 100% and indicated what can be achieved with hypnosis when it is appropriately tailored to the individual seeking help to quit smoking.
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